Jaipur Pink Panthers thrashes Telugu Titans to go top of desk

Jaipur Pink Panthers thrashes Telugu Titans to go top of table

Jaipur Pink Panthers thrashes Telugu Titans to go top of desk

Jaipur Pink Panthers produced a team overall performance with raids and defense of the same division and defeated Telugu Titans 51-27. Arjun Deshwal, Rahul Chaudhari, Sahul Kumar, Sunil Kumar, and Ankush Rathi contributed and starred in this big win for Jaipur.

If the Titans hope to end their dismal run with an inspiring performance, it may well be timed effectively. Besides, almost right from the start, the Pink Panthers were the best

They rushed into a straight, and it took the Titans until they were down 6 points to score the opening number of the game. However, Rahul Chaudhuri’s super raid removed Mohit Pahl and Ravinder Pahl to help Jaipur start their first-ever ALL-OUT of the match.

The Panthers went even further, with the next ALL OUT to extend their lead to 23-7 with 5 minutes left in the opening half. The Titans’ open defense has been their downfall all season and it proved to be the case again, with just 2 of 21 tackles being 50 percent gainers on kickoffs. The Panthers went into the break 29-10

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Any hope of a revival was quickly extinguished as the Panthers got their third straight ALL-OUT. The scientific mother nature of Jaipur was in sharp contrast to the lack of coordination of the Titans and the details were quickly introduced.

Arjun Deshwal completed his 10 factors with 10 minutes to enjoy and while there was no question about his brilliance, the serious eye-catcher was Sahul Kumar who dealt with 7 points – four of which came off Titans leading attacker Siddharth Desai. Examples of Panther’s dominance and Titan’s failure

Titans got an ALL-OUT with seconds of the match remaining to reduce the deficit But by then or never, it’s not a matter of how much the Panthers will achieve An additional double-digit break helped the Panthers cement their position in second place on the standings.

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