PKL 2022: Telugu Titans robbed? The final-moment controversial raid which left any individual perplexed

PKL 2022: Telugu Titans robbed? The last-minute controversial raid which left everyone confused

PKL 2022: Telugu Titans robbed? The final-moment controversial raid which left any individual perplexed


The Tamil Thalaivas defeat the Telugu Titans 39-30 in the 60th match of Professional Kabaddi League time 9 on Saturday night, but there was a controversial close to the sport that brought about confusion amongst gamers and admirers alike.

Right after the match, Telugu Titans expressed their outrage at the ‘unfair umpiring’ on social media as Tamil Thalaivas had been awarded 6 points and they tackled Siddharth to make it 3 far more and Titans lost the game.

This is what went down on the mat:

Truthful determination or Umpiring Blunder?

With 90 seconds to go on the clock, Telugu Titans were trailing by 29-30 but experienced the numerical gain.

Tamil Thalaivas’ Ajinkya Pawar went on a raid and he was tackled by the Telugu defence. With 6 gamers tackling him, it looked like he was out. But the defence of Telugu Titans had a mind fade moment.

They allow Ajinkya Pawar unfastened with the timer continue to on and with out the referee blowing his whistle. Ajinkya Pawar manufactured use of this error and crossed the mid-line to rating a monster raid and put Tamil Thalaivas beyond the reach of Telugu Titans.

What does the rule say?

As mentioned by the commentators, the referee failed to blow the whistle. But continue to, the Telugu Titans assumed that their deal with was thriving. This confusion led to them leaving the raider. Ajinkya Pawar confirmed his presence of thoughts to cross the line.

The rule says that any raid or tackle is not around till the referee blows the whistle or the raid time ends. As found in this screengrab the raid timer has an enough total of time remaining when Ajinkya was below the hold of the Telugu defence.

But two unique angles of the broadcast advise that the referee could possibly have asked to stop the deal with.

In these two screengrabs, the umpires can be witnessed indicating to halt the participate in with the whistle in their mouth. The Telugu Titans bench protested and even the players looked bewildered.

Telugu Titans lover outrage

Right after the match, supporters of Telugu Titans claimed the match ended with an unfair decision. Social media bristled with opinions from the team’s lovers. “Unfair”, “Inadequate umpiring expectations” had been some of the opinions on the official web page of Pro Kabaddi.

With the confusion bordering the determination and no official statement still from any of the parties included, the umpiring requirements in the league have been brought into problem.

The decision was vital in the result of the activity and Telugu Titans will really feel hard carried out as they missed out on their 2nd win.