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On 18 April 1897, a game title was performed in Hamburg whenever a selection team in the Danish Football Association defeated a variety team in the Hamburg-Altona Football Association, 5-.[4][5]

The very first three editions from the Olympic football event in 1900-1906 had an unofficial status, because the event wasn’t yet open for national football teams to compete, and just had limited participation of 3 or 4 club teams from the couple of nations. Denmark didn’t have club team asked within the 1900 Olympic games and also the 1904 Olympic games, however received a unique invitation for that 1906 Olympic games, to compete against one Greek club team (Athens) and 2 club teams in the Ottoman Empire (Smyrna and Thessaloniki). They to represent Denmark was compiled of players in the Copenhagen Football Association (KBU), plus they won the big event, and therefore an unofficial gold medal. 2 yrs later, within the first official football tournament in the 1908 Olympic games, Denmark won a silver medal. In the next Olympic games, in 1912, they again won a silver medal, that was adopted with a golden era from This summer 1912 until August 1920, with Denmark rated more often than not as number 1 on the planet through the Elo ranking. The very first official national football match was performed on 19 October 1908 throughout the Olympics working in london. Denmark beat France’s second team 9- within the tournament’s quarterfinals.

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The Denmark men’s national football team (Danish: Danmarks herre-fodboldlandshold or herrelandsholdet) represents Denmark in men’s worldwide football competition. It’s controlled through the Danish Football Association (DBU), the governing body for that football clubs that are organised under DBU. Denmark’s home stadium is Parken Stadium within the Østerbro district of Copenhagen their mind coach is Kasper Hjulmand.

Denmark were the winners from the Football in the 1906 Intercalated Games and silver medalists in the 1908 and 1912 Olympic games. However, as amateurs who prohibited their internationals from becoming professionals at foreign clubs, Denmark didn’t entitled to the FIFA World Cup until 1986, even though they won another Olympic silver in 1960.

Denmark has continued to be competitive in worldwide tournaments. Triumph within the 1992 European Championship in Norway marked the team’s most prominent victory, defeating protecting champions holland within the semi-final and world champions Germany within the final. Additionally they won the 1995 King Fahd Cup, defeating Argentina within the final. Their finest World Cup result was achieved in 1998, where they narrowly lost 3-2 inside a quarter-final against South america. Denmark also made the round of 16 in 1986, 2002 and 2018.

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Denmark National Football Team Captains – Simon Kjær (Current Captain) Denmark National Football Team Coaches – Morten Wieghorst (Head Coach), Christian Poulsen (Assistant coach), Kim Christensen (Goalkeeper coach)

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Tournament Wins

UEFA European Championship – Winners : 1992

FIFA Confederations Cup – Winners: 1995

Although Denmark figured fairly conspicuously within the pre-FIFA World Cup era, worldwide success would elude them for a long time in the first World Cup in 1930 and forward. Regardless of the country’s capability to produce outstanding football talents, the Danish Football Union (DBU) only had the ambition (or economy) to transmit the nation’s team to experience friendly matches as well as in the neighborhood tournament, the Nordic Championship, from October 1920 until June 1948. When DBU opted to create their sights greater, they permitted the nation’s team to begin contesting the Olympic games again, quickly producing a bronze medal in the 1948 Olympic games. After, they only arrived at the quarter-final in the 1952 Olympic games, using the DBU selecting to not contest the following 1956 Olympic games. As football continued to be a novice past-time, the majority of the best Danish footballers moved abroad to create a living,[6] these types of DBU enforcing the rule to close all professionals in the national team, it began to get hard to assemble a very competitive team.

Denmark experienced their next revival in the 1960 Olympic games having a third group of Olympic silver medals. It was adopted by another notable performance in the 1964 European Nations’ Cup, where Denmark impressively carried out in 4th place. However, this finish was considered by many people to be more the effect of a comparatively easy draw as opposed to a consequence of a properly-playing team. To ensure that Denmark to entitled to the semi-final, they merely needed to defeat Malta, Albania and Luxembourg. Within the semi-final, Denmark fell 3- towards the Ussr, then lost the 3rd-place match to Hungary.

The strict rule of just allowing amateurism in the national team was finally abolished through the DBU in May 1971, because they had acknowledged this transformation was needed to be able to develop a highly competitive team. In Feb 1978, once the DBU also made the decision to permit professional football to become introduced within the Danish leagues, the way in which was simultaneously paved for that national team to sign its first sponsorship using the well-known Danish brewery Carlsberg. The brand new sponsorship enabled the DBU to employ the German Sepp Piontek in This summer 1979 because the first full-time professional coach from the national team. The entire transition from the national team from amateurism to professionalism had now been accomplished, and even, this could soon result in a vast improvement within the performances from the team.


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